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Stride Orthotics & Rehab has been treating patients in Brampton, Peterborough, and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We are proud of the long-term relationships built within the medical and patient communities. Our mission is to help patients return or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Providing excellent products and attentive service allows our patients to get back to doing the things they love!

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About Stride Orthotics & Rehab

Stride Orthotics & Rehab is committed to reducing your pain and helping you heal. We combine personal attention, 3D technology, and high-quality healthcare products to successfully treat a wide range of debilitating conditions related to improper biomechanics or injury. We want to help improve your quality of life and get you back to living an active lifestyle.

Our Canadian-made, custom orthotics are designed for optimum comfort and fit, while reducing pain and promoting healing. We also offer a wide selection of custom knee braces and off-the-shelf braces manufactured by leading healthcare companies to address your condition and activity level. For some conditions, your doctor may have recommended laser or shockwave therapy to help speed up healing process. These treatments are safe and effective, especially in chronic conditions were other therapies have had limited success.

We are proud to provide care that prioritizes your ongoing needs with complimentary consultation, assessment, and follow-up appointments.

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